Unleashing The Hidden Power Of Brand


How much is your brand worth? How is it valued? How can you make it more valuable? These are questions tackled by our latest Red Paper, The Brand in the Boardroom, posted below. Miles Young, Worldwide Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather talks to author Joanna Seddon, President of Global Brand Consulting at OgilvyRED about the history of Brand Valuation, our new methodology and how it can arm marketers with a strong financial rationale for their recommendations and budget requests, increasing both the influence and effectiveness of brand marketing.

The Red Papers represent the marquee thought leadership from the Ogilvy & Mather network. Research into effectiveness shows that the more we tie individual marketing and advertising efforts to hard measures, the better that advertising performs. That is true on the much larger scale of the brand itself. It has been challenging, however, to measure the real impact of a brand. Past brand assessments have been limited by an accounting bias and reflexive secrecy about methodology. There is a better way, described here, which has the potential to transform marketing.

The vision of Brand Valuation set forth in this paper can help us all make a better case for investment in brand even as it links our brand strategies to measurable financial outcomes—shareholder value included. That makes a powerful argument for introducing the brand into the boardroom conversation, where it can have a meaningful impact on the health of the whole enterprise.

Click on the Red Paper link to download: The Brand in the Boardroom: Making the case for investment in brand by Joanna Seddon from Ogilvy & Mather

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