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Who Are The Great Job Destroyers?

The biggest loser this week: Any brand that has fallen behind on mobile investment as Google announced it fuels more searches on mobile and tablet than on desktop. Brands, however, might need to update their definition of what constitutes mobile investments. For example, all 50 brands in L2’s Hotels study have some sort of mobile site, but features are sparse. Less than a third feature reviews and just 6% play video on mobile. This is a huge missed opportunity for hotel brands as OTAs will step in, as TripAdvisor did when hotels were slow to introduce reviews.

Another big loser: the American worker. While tech companies try to maintain their status as job creators, the facts show another story. For example, it takes six people at Facebook, eight people at Google, and 60 to 70 people at an ad agency like Publicis to generate $10 million in revenue.

Zulily’s stock has jumped 7% after Alibaba bought a stake, placing it as a short-term winner. But the win is likely to remain short term as consumers now want an omnichannel store model that delivers in physical stores, mobile and desktop.

Another winner? Coffee drinkers as even Keurig is unable to come between them and their pods.

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