Swipe South

Online dating fans rejoice. Tinder is setting up its first international office in the land of arranged marriages, India. When CEO Sean Rad mentioned that he sees India as one of Tinder’s core markets, I’m sure he was thinking of the volume game.

Despite back-chatter from conservatives, Tinder grew by 400% in 2015 with the most active members being women,18-34.


Now wait a minute… Aren’t Indian women supposed to be demure, opposed to dating around and prone to marry men of their parents’ liking? Amidst some very strong yeses in parts of India, you’ll find that in the urban areas, the answer to that is a vehement ‘no’.

More Indian women are entering the corporate world and enjoying high disposable incomes. They have achieved greater control of their lives, and settling down isn’t as much of a priority. Mobile technology has further empowered this new generation of young Indian women who embrace global influences rather than shun them.

“We are truly excited about the rapid adoption of Tinder in India. […] Women particularly seem to love Tinder, sending more ‘super likes’ than men each week, which is incredibly empowering,” says Taru Kapoor, the India head of Tinder.

What about the Indian man? Bachelors might argue that Tinder is the best invention since Maggi (before it was embroiled in the lead content controversy). Tinder can really improve one’s personal marketing skills. Like the legendary adman David Ogilvy once said, “If you can’t advertise yourself, what hope do you have of advertising anything else?” Also swiping through endless pictures to see who could be a potential date or a potential score? I suspect Indian men will love that just as much as men elsewhere in the world.

Tinder has the potential to get wildly popular. Now, if they tie it up with a horoscope feature, those gnawing aunties might just warm up to the app!

Judging a book by it’s cover may not be politically correct, but we all know what fun it is. Don’t forget that you’ll be on the other side of it as well! So, might I suggest (tip from a self-proclaimed selfie expert) the Chrome filter is great for us brown skin folks. 🙂

Keep calm and swipe on.

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