Trends and Top Tips from Mobile World Congress
Trends and Top Tips

In our modern world, a number of Tech innovations have had dramatic impact on our culture. Print, Television and the internet of course, but relatively recently, something has had the most fundamental effect on our world…. Mobile

The mobile phone is the modern day Swiss Army knife for content capture and consumption, and has changed how we interact with one another. It has now become an extension of ourselves. Our dependency upon it has affected the way we navigate our daily lives! And without it, we feel lost, like missing a limb.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is held in Barcelona every year and brings together the best and brightest in the mobile space to discuss, share and create the roadmap for the mobile world over the next 12 months.

As part of our partnership with ‘ogilvydo’, we wanted to cover launches, handset developments, emerging technologies and exhibitors showcased at MWC.

This was our first visit to the show, and it offered a selection of insights and trends we feel Ogilvy and our clients should be aware of in this increasingly important sector for audience engagement. Click here for the full report.

In case you missed the daily recaps, here they are:

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