Ignite Pride In Your Brand

When it comes to brands engaging with issues of gay rights, and marketeers seeking to target LGBT consumers, suspending the ‘sell, sell, sell’ strategy can reap more benefits for a business.

Customer loyalty and an increased respect from consumers for your brand can be achieved if marketers take the approach of putting people first, and sales second.

In the UK there is a campaign that is currently running called ‘Rainbow Laces’. Irish Bookmaker ‘Paddy Power’ has partnered with international gay rights group ‘Stonewall’ in an attempt to tackle homophobia in football (or soccer).

The aim is to encourage footballers to wear rainbow coloured laces in their football boots to show their support for the campaign to tackle homophobia.

The response has been overwhelming, with football clubs and high profile footballers signing up to the cause.

In many respects, because of the human rights aspect of the campaign, Paddy Power have been able to attract high profile sportsmen for free and would not have been able to have access otherwise. By putting the brand message of Paddy Power’s business objectives to one side, and instead focusing on a wider societal issue of tackling homophobia, the brand has been able to gain wide spread publicity and awareness.

Consequently, last week every other advertisement in the London newspaper ‘Metro’ featured support from other brands about the work of Stonewall and Paddy Power.

When brands engage with issues of gay rights and seek to engage LGBT consumers, taking an approach that respects and fights for this community strengthens your brand and loyalty from LGBT consumers. Put people first, sales will follow.

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