Brands still stuck in the 1950s at Christmas?

Christmas is an important and profitable time for brands. Brands tug at the heart strings of consumers with festive campaigns, which often portray family life. However, these families all have one thing in common and it is difficult to find a Christmas advert that reflects today’s diverse tapestry of what constitutes family life. Where are the gay families?

Take for example Sky Movies ‘Step into the adventure’ 2014 campaign. Described as the “most exciting Christmas promo ever” for Sky Movies, with cameos from The Muppets, Spider-Man, The Lego Movie’s Good Cop/Bad Cop and Olaf from Frozen. The premise of the advertisement is a heterosexual family, which gets transported into their television set and become part of a series of cartoon adventures.


I am not suggesting a change of the colour in ‘White Christmas’ to pink! However, it is estimated that nearly 1 in 16 consumers across Britain identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. According to a Stonewall report gay consumers are thought to be worth between £70-81 billion annually in Britain alone, which is a sizeable niche in the market often overlooked by brands.

Whilst there are many examples of brands featuring LGBT couples in their marketing, it seems that Christmas marketing is still stuck in the 1950s.

A Christmas campaign story which represents all expressions of love should surely be on the 2015 marketing strategy in the New Year for brands.

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