Breaking The Selfie Cycle

Content is king. You’ve heard this a number of times, but to what extent? Consumers are changing and with it so is the way they consume content. Making sure we understand our consumers, and are able to provide the right content at the right time is absolutely fundamental to the modern principles of marketing.

OgilvyOne and LUXE City Guides hosted a breakfast this morning during which Jerry Smith (OgilvyOne President, APAC – ogilvy.com) and Simon Westcott (CEO, Owner of LUXE City Guides luxecityguides.com and co-founder of Mr & Mrs Smith Asia) spoke on the theme of content and curation, each addressing the topic from largely differing perspectives.

Jerry spoke about the role of the changing consumer in a world of selfies and snapchats where ironically, the devices that facilitate global human communication have nurtured self-centred introversion, moving on to address the crux of the issue: how do we break into this conversation?

We need new principles of 21st century marketing, Jerry continued, we need to get more personal; summarising by highlighting the importance of not just creating a digital strategy, but creating a strategy for a digital world.

Jerry concluded that content can be king, if it is used to create emotional, structural and financial bonds with consumers. How is this achieved? By being there, ready and waiting, standing in the wings, to prompt hand-raisers with the right content at the right time, whether it be magnetic, practical, smart or immersive, thus establishing an ongoing dialogue with consumers.

Following on from Jerry, Simon began by recalling the first time he arrived at LUXE City Guides’ Hong Kong office, “I felt like I had stepped into Britain before the Industrial Revolution. People were stitching beautiful things together by hand”. A nod to the painstakingly crafted LUXE City Guides that deliver ‘smart stuff for busy people’ in a uniquely sassy tone. The guides are insightful vessels of unparallelled luxury tourism using ‘hyper-relevance’ to cut through the cacophony of the Trip Advisors of this world. Westcott continued, “a lot of people perceive LUXE as something that is reserved for the realm of the ultra-high net worth, in fact, it’s really about taste and insight. We help the consumer understand that we understand taste.”

It became apparent that despite approaching the subject of content curation from completely different backgrounds, both Simon and Jerry were alluding to the same point: there are many travellers in each of us and there are many consumers in each of us, subsequently, the ambition of the luxury travel editor is the same as that of the digital marketer, specifically: ensuring you are in the right place to deliver the right content at the right time, crafting personal experiences, virtually, physically and emotionally.

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