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Awesome asian bad guys

Whether you are working in business, entertainment, or even food, the key to any ground-breaking idea is to identify a previously untapped need in order to give people something that they never even knew they wanted. The folks at Hershey’s who brought peanut butter and chocolate together knew this, and now the founders of Awesome Asian Bad Guys have spotted just such a gap in the filmmaking industry, and leveraged it into a rather novel concept.

So, here’s the elevator pitch: A webseries dedicated to the adventures of all the badass Asian villains who met untimely ends in 80s and 90s action flicks such as Die Hard, Bloodsport and Karate Kid 2. Are you won over yet?

Awesome Asian Bad Guys is the brainchild of National Film Society, a pop culture focused new media studio founded by Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypiangco, who are appealing for funding on Kickstarter, and describe the project as “an action/comedy series about two offbeat filmmakers, a volatile group of Asian bad guys & one impossible mission.”

Here at OgilvyDo we’re big fans of crowdfunding, in particular the way it brings out the more creative methods of achieving buy-in, building buzz and bringing projects to fruition. Epino and Dypiangco are embracing this aspect of the process wholeheartedly, swearing to “scream your name at the top of our lungs while firing our imaginary weapons in the air” for every individual who donates $1. As the donation amounts grow, the promises grow with them, including the offer of free National Film Society downloads and official Awesome Asian Bad Guys merchandise.

Summed up in an audience friendly caption as “a cross between The Expendables and Dumb & Dumber”, the project is just under $20,000 short of its $50,000 goal. To view the incredibly entertaining pitch video and donate to Awesome Asian Bad Guys, visit Epino and Dypiangco over at Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nationalfilmsociety/awesome-asian-bad-guys?ref=live

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