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Vivienne Westwood backed start-up inks deal

Albion has agreed a deal with Vivienne Westwood backed renewable energy crowd funding start-up Trillion Fund to help its marketing and UX in exchange for equity.


Facing more disruption than ever before the relationship between ad agencies and the start-up community has become entangled, as agencies seek the technology and knowhow to stay innovative.

Albion has come from a different angle, having helped launch the likes of Skype, Wonga and GiffGaff into mainstream brands; start-ups are within the agency’s DNA. It comes as no surprise that the agency has embarked on an interesting deal this week with Trillion Fund, a platform that enables crowd funding for renewable energy projects and is backed by Dame Vivienne Westwood.

The service allows people to invest in clean energy projects and infrastructure via loans and share deals.

The equity deal with Albion will result in marketing strategy input as well as a complete upgrade to the service, giving them a ‘next-level’ UX.

Not only is this an example of an agency finding a mutual way of supporting a start-up which diversifies its revenue stream, it also shows an innovative and long-term solution to giving back to society. A key trend for 12ahead this year is Altruistic Advertising, as many marketers seek to find a worthy way of using their marketing strategy.

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