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Transylvania takes on Silicon Valley

Romania has long been a hotbed for tech companies outsourcing contact centers, software development and even research and development. Now it is growing its own entrepreneurial culture and large tech companies certainly have their eyes on what’s coming out.

The online database Romanian Startups lists 300 home-grown startups in the country, up from about 250 a year ago. The sector is also seeing more incubators, angel investors and founders — almost 600 total.


Although the tech startup scene is nascent, it is growing — and several of the up-and-coming companies are potential game changers. Vector Watch, which has its engineering team based in Romania, has created a smartwatch with a 30-day battery life. Axosuits is a Romanian robotics startup focused on creating affordable exoskeletons for people with disabilities.

But Romania still has some big hurdles to overcome to truly become a tech hub. Access to capital is slim. The risk-taking culture is nascent. The government bureaucracy is strong and legislation that supports startups is lacking. Yet every shift has to begin somewhere, and from what we see, there’s one afoot in Romania.

Excerpt from original article in TechCrunch

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