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You may never need another password

Biometrics have been edging in on passwords’ territory for a while now, and this new video from New Scientist gives us a good look at a world where the only password you ever need is your own heartbeat, thanks to a new product called Nymi.
Nymi is a wristband that confirms the user’s identity through ECG sensors and authenticates access across an array of devices, from your iPhone to your car. According to Bionym, the company behind Nymi, a heartbeat features irregularities that are much more difficult to imitate than external biometric features such as fingerprints.

Fantastic uses for drones

Speaking of heartbeats… Defikopter is a drone that has been designed to parachute defibrillators to individuals suffering from heart attacks. It is hoped that this new approach to first response will help save lives when human response times are too slow. Defikopter is controlled by a GPS empowered app which lets users request an emergency defibrillator, and can travel distances of 10km at speeds of up to 70km per hour.
A piece at Huffington Post Tech this week showcased another novel use for drones: capturing breathtaking aerial footage. Filmmakers attached a GoPro HERO3 camera to a DJI Phantom quadcopter drone and flew it several hundred feet into the air. The results can be seen below.

New developments in everyday products
Despite a discouraging drop in e-reader sales (or perhaps in an attempt to boost them), Amazon has announced the latest incarnation of its flagship product, the Kindle Paperwhite. The white screen is even brighter with a greater degree of contrast, while the processer is 25% faster and the touchscreen function is more responsive than ever.
And over in the UK, CSR unveiled Surface, the world’s thinnest keyboard. Surface connects to your smartphone or tablet device via a power-lite version of Bluetooth, and is currently described as “a working prototype and a glimpse forward rather than something people will be buying this year… We might see lots of shapes or sizes, some as small as iPad Mini.” CSR is the research company behind innovation in Beats and Nike+.

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