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TechCrunch’s Favorite Things Of 2015

At TechCrunch, we see a lot of stuff — gadgets, gizmos, apps, doo-dads, and electro-whatnots. Name a gadget, and someone on their staff has probably obsessed over it, torn it apart, or worn it out over the past year.

Some of this stuff is great. A lot of it… not so much.

TechCrunch takes the knowledge that comes with all that tinkering and cram it into it’s gift guides, where they’ve got recommendations on really, really good gifts for just about everyone in your life.

This is the stuff that the writers/editors/video producers/etc. of TechCrunch, really, really liked in 2015. The stuff that at the end of the year, we look back at and say “Yeah — I’m really glad I owned that.” Some of it came out in 2015. Some of it came out in years prior and still has our hearts. Enjoy!

First Appeared on TechCrunch. Click here to see their favorites.

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