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Style brands winning on Tumblr

Fashion can be a tough sell on social media. Facebook is still struggling to make ads appear natural and integrated, while commercial hashtags on Twitter have the potential to create an involuntarily negative reaction, like having your car leafleted. Tumblr, though, with its focus on images and its in-built community of artists, designers and aesthetes, could just be the perfect match for style brands. Below are a few existing names currently killing it on the platform.

Michael Kors

You won’t find any text or hashtags on the Michael Kors Tumblr page. The medium’s primarily visual nature is, instead, leveraged into its greatest feature, providing a stream of strikingly beautiful images, which place the brand front and centre without ever feeling salesy.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s Tumblr page looks like the “Contributors” page from a high end fashion magazine; a sleek, slick looking scrapbook of talent from the brand’s favoured photographers, bloggers and models. The final impression is that of a sneak peek at the impossibly attractive people behind the curtain at a fashion show.


Adidas knows exactly what its customers want to see on its Tumblr page– gorgeously designed products. These are placed centre-stage in an interactive, refreshingly clean environment.


The appeal of the J.Crew brand is in its inherent simplicity and elegance. This is reflected in the J.Crew Tumblr, which is all about easy chic.


While not technically a fashion brand, Glamour’s mission statement as a magazine is all about anticipating and sharing the latest style trends. Its Tumblr page is, therefore, a natural extension of the publication, a place where contributors can post supplementary content in a more immediate and engaging context.

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