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New retail model set to revolutionise shopping

A new retail model is set to transform shopping behaviour beyond recognition, with the launch of Shop Elsewhere – a unique shopping referral platform, pioneered by Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong.

Shop Elsewhere is a collaborative movement in which independent fashion designers recommend each other’s products. Shoppers browsing in one designer’s store can scan the QR code on an item, to gain access to a website with recommendations for other designers’ products that have been pre-selected to match.

To purchase a recommended product, customers are directed to the designer’s store via Google Maps. The platform assists shoppers in putting together complete outfits, from clothes and shoes to handbags and accessories. It is free to use and can be accessed via any mobile application with a QR reader.

What started in Hong Kong will soon be expanding across Asia, as Ogilvy takes the platform to new markets.

David Paysant, a Managing Director at OgilvyAction Hong Kong, explains the inspiration behind this one of a kind project:

“Retail rents in Hong Kong continue to skyrocket, making it difficult for independent designers to compete with luxury brands and established chains. So we started thinking about a way in which we could solve this problem and seed the growth of a mutual support system for these designers. By recommending each other’s products, designers raise awareness of their own brands and increase traffic to their stores – it’s win-win.”

Shop Elsewhere will see independent brands throughout Asia collaborate in a way that no competitors have done before. Designers may join forces with whomever they wish, provided they endorse at least one other brand. They can also make their selections directly on, making the process incredibly time efficient.

MISCHA label designer, Michelle Lai, is one of the first designers to join Shop Elsewhere. She commented, “People in Hong Kong still do most of their shopping in-store rather than online. Shop Elsewhere will truly modernize people’s shopping experience, while giving us some leverage against the big luxury designers.”

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