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Is Jerry Seinfeld right about advertising?

Reproduced from AdNews.


Jerry Seinfeld ripped the advertising industry apart in his acceptance speech at the Clio Awards in the US last week – and the ad industry loved it.

Seinfeld, who was accepting an honorary Clio for his role in advertising, started off by saying “I love advertising, because I love lying.” A bold start.

He went on to call advertising a “phoney career” adding: “Spending your life duping innocent people out of hard won earnings … is an excellent use of your energy.”

The Clios crowd applauded and whooped. He’s a funny guy, it was a great speech and sometimes things are funny because they’re true. But isn’t this the impression of advertising the industry is trying to shake?

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  1. Terrence Madden

    Seinfeld is secure in the knowledge that at this stage of his career, biting the hand that feeds will not affect the meal much. Did his show earn the money it earned on PBS? Yes, he would have been successful as a stand-up without advertising, but to reach the stratosphere he has financially takes complicity with networks and yes, advertisers. How much more of his own money would he have to spend on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” if Acura didn’t offer up some cash. The “acceptance speech” seems dubious at best.

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