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Google's Work Rules!

Google receives more than two million unique job applications a year. Now, Laszlo Bock, the innovative head of their People Operations has written the ultimate guide to attracting the most talented to your business and how to ensure that the best and brightest succeed.


WORK RULES! is a blueprint of how Google went from a small search engine to a global company of over 50,000 employees without losing its culture and core values. Laszlo Bock’s visionary methods have transformed how Silicon Valley harnesses the greatest talent on the planet.

His groundbreaking, counter-intuitive look at 21st century hiring, includes:

– The decisions to hire, fire or promote are decided by committee. Removing this authority from a single manager safeguards against abuse of power.

– Make the most of your best AND worst employees The bottom 5% of employees represent the biggest opportunity to improve overall performance.

– Don’t trust your gut It is a well-known adage that the first five minutes of an interview determine the likelihood of success. It shouldn’t.

– Default to transparency: a manager must be unafraid to share information with his/her employees. Information sharing allows everyone to understand the differences in goals across different groups, avoiding internal rivalry.

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