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Google vs Facebook

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would be making it easier to trace online sales back to ads placed on the social network, through conversion tracking. This was made possible by the fact that the majority of internet users remain continually logged in to Facebook on all of their devices. At the time, Business Insider called this new technology a “far more powerful” alternative to Google Analytics. Now, Google is rolling out a new product which will increase advertisers’ ability to measure exactly how many people are making purchases after viewing a Google AdWords spot.

This “estimated total conversions” tool utilises Google login data to gage how many people are buying any given product. Taking its cue from Facebook’s conversion tracking metric, it will track purchases across laptops, smartphone and tablet devices, offering up a more comprehensive picture to advertisers. So, if you see a t-shirt on your smartphone, then decide to buy it using your laptop, Google will be able to make a connection between the two events (provided you are logged in to Google+).

Google has always been the go-to platform for measuring engagement, but this new ability to monitor consumer behaviour across devices is an important step in its on-going ad war with Facebook. Google Ad Sales Chief Neal Mohan recently stated that 90% of consumers flit from device to device while completing tasks; that’s 500% more than just three years ago.




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