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Go Indiegogo!

After the ubiquitous Kickstarter, Indiegogo is probably the closest thing crowdfunding has to a household name. And following a new funding round which was announced this week, Indiegogo has another $40 million to support its plans for growth.

“We’re going to be looking to continue to build out what we started from six years ago, which is to become the world’s open funding platform,” said Indiegogo’s CEO and co-founder Slava Rubin in a recent interview with Mashable. “1,000 competitors have entered the space [since Indiegogo], it just shows a huge market opportunity.”

Indiegogo has run projects in 190 countries so far, but has focused on English language campaigns, working primarily in US dollars and more recently Euros and British pounds. This latest funding round will go towards making the platform more accommodating to other languages and currencies, in addition to enhancing its mobile presence, including native iOS and Android apps.

Indiegogo introduced a series of new tools and functions in late 2013 to make life easier for campaign managers, including the capacity to track where donors came from, and integration with Google Analytics. Said co-founder Danae Ringelmann at the time; “Our customers are increasingly using data from our platform as a tool for raising funds, and the features we’re launching will make that process even more beneficial.”

An upcoming feature will be Indiegogo Outpost, which will enable users to embed their Indiegogo campaign into their own websites or third party sites. According to Rubin; “Indiegogo is all about breaking down barriers to funding and we’re always looking for new ways to help Indiegogo campaigns directly engage with audiences who are likely to support them.” Indiegogo is currently going through beta testing and will be rolled out some time this quarter.

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