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Drones advertise noodles

Russian noodle brand Wokker wants to surprise hungry office workers by using drones to advertise at lunch.


We’ve heard a lot about Amazon’s plans to build a drone army to deliver its products in under an hour. We’ve also heard about advertising stunts that are building the mobile flying devices into campaigns.

Wokker’s use of drones is probably more on the side of stunt but, according to its agency, the drones are already having an impact on sales.

The Russian noodle brand is using drones at lunchtime to capture the attention of hungry office workers with a squadron of aerial billboards. It is promoting its range of boxed rice and noodle dishes to busy staff at the optimum time as they are thinking about lunch.

According to the aptly-named agency HungryBoys, local deliveries in campaign areas are already up 40%.

Although the campaign is on the stunt-side of the drone usage, Alex Gisak, co-founder of Wokker suggested they could be used for deliveries in the future.

“We have never used nor will we ever use traditional channels for communication.  Since our inception we have always looked for new ways to help promote our food and sending our message through the skies is certainly different.  It is marketing at the right time and in the right place,” he said, “Hungry Boys have captured the fun and forward looking essence of the brand. Who knows, maybe we’ll start delivering our meals in the future this way.”


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  1. Roger

    Ogilvy thinks this is innovation? This is a copycat from dronecast Idea that launched in April in the good old US of A. Could not even think out of the box; and they are thinking of delivering boxes 🙂
    I hope this is not indicative of creativity of Ogilvy!

    • odadmin

      Hi Roger…we believe drones are everywhere. What they do with them differ. It’s not a concept born out of Ogilvy but a Russian noodle brand called Wokker. Either case, one man’s wonder is another’s been-there-done-that. Thank you for your comment nevertheless!

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