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Condé Nast launches positivity network

Glamour and Self magazines have teamed up to create a new media network centred on the health and happiness of their female consumers. Launching this week, it’s called Condé Nast Aurora, and with the potential to reach 14 million women, it offers some appealing opportunities for advertisers.


“Condé Nast Aurora is organised around a distinct mindset and provides our partners with the unique opportunity to connect with millions of inspired women through the language of endless possibilities,” says chief revenue officer Connie Anne Phillips. “Our competition of existing media options are organising themselves around a demographic segment or a topic, and what we’ve found the white space to be is a mindset, so we’re taking a very different approach.”

The notion of “endless possibilities” is the key to engagement with millennial women, according to Phillips. While the existing Glamour and Self editorial teams will continue to work independently, Aurora will also be looking to work with “like-minded creators” such as independent health, beauty and lifestyle writers, to broaden its reach and produce an array of content (with the potential for branded posts).

“A lot of advertisers are looking for scale, but they also want a positive environment,” PGR Media president Jane Deery told AdWeek, calling the move “really smart.”

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