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BERG Cloud: What you need to know

Following a $1.3 million funding round, the private, product-based development platform BERG Cloud is opening its doors to the great wide world, offering up its range of integrated services and hardware to designers and developers all over the world. This will enable more people than ever before to conceive and build their own web-enabled products, leading to what has been coined “the internet of things”.

“Jack and I started our company because we had fun hanging out; because design and technology working hand in glove create magical things,” said Matt Webb, CEO of BERG. “Right from the beginning we’ve been into connected devices… Our mission with BERG Cloud is to make it as easy to develop hardware as it is to develop for the web… We built this platform to make it easier for our own designers to invent and operate connected products themselves. Now we are making it available to everyone.”

This sets a remarkable precedent in the tech world. Just as the once lengthy, expensive process of software and app development has become increasingly democratised and accessible in this age of self-taught innovators and entrepreneurs, the possibilities for new hardware products border on limitless. Access to BERG Cloud has the potential to significantly reduce the cost and time it takes to invent a product, rapidly speeding up market entry.

The relative ease with which BERG Cloud picked up the required $1.3 million seed capital speaks to the demand out there for this kind of platform. And, as is to be expected with any new network, there is a social element to Webb’s creation:

“I like to say that we don’t have customers, we have an audience,” he says. “We’ve created a platform that allows design and technology to work together, to be as creative as possible. And rather than work solely with clients, we get to work with customers, to help others invent culture. So we’re looking to advance this exciting space as a community, and in partnership with manufacturers.”

The BERG Cloud Devkit will be available to download from Thursday 31st October.

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