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Apple goes green in Singapore

Tech giant Apple has announced it will be opening a new flagship store in Singapore. The location, due to open next year, is yet to be confirmed, although there are rumours that it will be in a premium retail area. This will be Apple’s first ever physical retail space in Southeast Asia. “Exact market share for Apple in Southeast Asia isn’t clear but, despite mid and low-end devices accounting for the bulk of sales in emerging markets and its lack of an own-retail presence, the US company is largely seen as a premium brand by consumers across the region,” says TechCrunch’s Jon Russell.

“We have more than 900 incredible employees working in our Singapore contact centre and are thrilled to begin hiring the team that will open our first Apple Store in Singapore — an incredible international city and shopping destination,” says Retail and Online Store SVP Angela Ahrendts. “We can’t wait to deliver the service, education and entertainment that is loved by Apple customers around the world.”


What’s more, the new site, in addition to its existing Singapore contact centre, will be powered completely by renewable energy. Apple has partnered with solar energy provider Sunseap Group, which operates solar panels across over 800 rooftops in the city-state. “We expect a ripple effect for organisations in Singapore to incorporate sustainability practices in their businesses, especially for listed companies,” says Sunseap MD Frank Phuan.

According to Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP of Environment, Policy & Social Initiatives, Apple will also be financing the creation of additional Sunseap panels on its own properties, which will yield enough solar energy to power 9,000 homes and provide Singaporeans with “access to energy while we meet our own renewable goals.”

This initiative means that Apple is officially the first company in Singapore to be exclusively powered by renewable energy sources — a healthy start to its on-going mission to run its entire global operation on clean power. Outside of Singapore, Apple has confirmed plans to invest in renewable energy in China, Europe, and the US.

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