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3 brands that ‘get’ Tumblr

The world and his marketing team have been keeping a keen eye on Tumblr since its acquisition by Yahoo back in June, which was accompanied by all sorts of predictions about advertising and monetisation. While on the surface, the heavily visual focus of Tumblr certainly seems perfectly geared towards the creation and curation of content, the challenge lies in telling your story and promoting your offering through methods and content that are unobtrusive and likely to be widely shared.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has promised that the native marketing efforts rolled out across Tumblr will aim to convey their message in a way that is “meaningful” to users. These organisations have absolutely nailed it:

According to Stephen Jeske at Content Marketing Institute, Newsweek was one of the earliest news outlets to adopt their strategy for Tumblr: “the publication typically posts just a handful of stories every day, in an easily digestible and Tumblr-friendly way. It appeals to a specific market segment of Newsweek’s audience that prefers consuming information in an alternative way.”

Coca-Cola embraced the sharing culture of Tumblr by releasing and curating a series of positive, brand-related images, positioning their own little corner of the blogging platform as the place “where happiness lives online”.

Capital One
Recognising that image-based content is the most highly shared on Tumblr, Capital One is inviting users to submit the trip of their dreams, which is then brought to life by a team of artists and illustrators. The “Venture Bucket List Tumblr” blog and #BucketList hashtage aim to promote Capital One’s Venture Card, and users are advised that it can help them acquire the miles they need to take the trip of a lifetime. By integrating their product’s message with a fully engaging consumer experience, Capital One has struck the perfect balance.

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