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Industry secrets and insights continue to be revealed today at the Social Matters event in Hong Kong. Speaking on the topic of content creation, Alex Light, Head of Content at VICE described the company as one that makes content – for young people.

Light explained that people, especially younger generations, have been over-exposed to advertising for most of their lives and that this has created a need for alternative ways for brands to engage their audiences.

According to the content expert, 80% of people trust their peers for product or brand recommendations as opposed to traditional advertising, and 80% of people want brands to entertain them rather than to offer information.

Light said, “We needed a new, visual language – two-way, fast communications. Brands need to be speaking their consumers’ language. At one time, everyone was saying platform, platform, platform, but no one was filling this pipeline. At VICE, we create premium video content that helps brands find their voice.”

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