Cannes Lions 2016 | Panel
Urbangea—Linked Megacities

Cities are becoming nation-like in size and importance and that they are coalescing into large urbangeas (a term coined in a report from Ogilvy) which will be able to attract investment and brands because of their massive populations.

Many of the people in these cities will be part of the global emerging middle class, and the social velocity of that class means that as subsistence becomes less of an issue, more space is freed up for activism, purpose, and social consciousness. How will companies attract, retain, and reward employees as traditional structures erode? Will consumers look at brands with a heightened sense of purpose?

In partnership with PwC, we attempt to answer these questions with Niall McKinney, CEO, The Knowledge Engineers, Cindy Gallop, Consultant and Founder, IfWeRanTheWorld, John Gerzema, Chairman and CEO of BAV Consulting and Justin Sturrock, People & Organisation Leader at PwC.

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