Cannes Lions 2016 | Panel
The King is Dead. Consumers Rule Content!

Is content as we once understood it taking a back seat to some other digital entity? The mantra in the ‘90s had been, “content is king.” Perhaps that idea had run its course. Maybe not.

Content isn’t quite the same thing it once was, however. How can it be in a world in which Netflix can launch its streaming services in 130 new countries in a single day? Does that mean that distribution rules the roost? The ability to design and curate your own media diet has been one of the most powerful trends to emerge in the industry. From the U.S. to Uzbekistan, consumers have never had greater ability to curate their own playlists—through Apps, YouTube, streaming services, social media, and over-the-top offerings. Content is as as consumers dictate it to be.

An ogilvydo panel in partnership with PwC discusses this very trend with Elena Sukacheva, Global Managing Director, EVP, Content Solutions Unit, The Economist, Charlie Echeverry, Chief Revenue Officer, mitú, Mike McAvoy, President and CEO, The Onion, Inc. , Chris Vollmer, Global Managing Director, Strategy& Digital Services, PwC and Jennifer Prince, Industry Director, Media and Entertainment, Twitter.

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