Cannes Lions 2016 | Panel
Scale Models—Can Agility And Size Coexist?

In many areas, the growth of technology and digitization acts as a centripetal force —breaking up existing relationships, pushing large generalist entities to give way to smaller specialists, and allowing smaller, nimble competitors to run circles around incumbents. The shifts now under way are forging the creation of new business models, and perhaps even new industries. Those that are able to integrate the capabilities and approaches that create value for customers will continue to thrive.

Let’s take advertising as an example. The rise of large integrated data sets, smart analytics, new visualization and delivery platforms combined with the growth of programmatic advertising and the advent of native content would seem to significantly undermine the role of the traditional agency and media company. Can big incumbent companies function like the nimbler, smaller sized start-ups? What are the scale models need to be applied?

In partnership with PwC, we attempt to answer these questions in a panel session with Nick Blunden, Global Managing Director, The Economist, Allie S. Kline, CMO, AOL, Inc. , Philippe von Borries, Founder, Refinery29, Inc., Tom de Groeve, Director Strategy & Innovation, Strategy&, Part of PwC network and Scott Galloway, Founder and Chairman, L2 Inc.

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