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How To Break A World Record

If you’ve ever wanted to break a world record for bottles of rosé consumed while jumping on a pogo stick on the Cannes beach, you’re in luck! Samantha Fay, SVP of Global Brand Strategy at Guinness Book of World Records, is here, but she’s not around to break records. Instead, Fay spoke to the audience at the Cannes festival about how to get and hold one of the coveted spots in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Imagination. Differentiation. Dedication. Validation. Amplification.


Simple, right?

Before you go off and try to hold the record for largest number of pizza slices consumed in a bathtub filled with cheese, consider that the record has to actually be measurable and comparable. Though we welcome all entries on the aforementioned record.

Interestingly, brands can play a key role in breaking records, not just through press pickup or social engagement numbers, but by highlighting a unique and distinct benefit that their products can bring to the world to make the impossible, possible. Reaffirming and convincing their customers (and potential customers) that by becoming a loyal customer the brand experience will be nothing short of earth shattering. And if one man can build a house of cards on top of a running washing machine for 12 hours, maybe you could do a load of laundry house shaking vibrations. Sometimes it can take a record-breaking moment to reassure people of the everyday possibilities a brand can offer.

So the way to break a world records is as follows: Conjure up a measurable record to break (of course by making it memorable through differentiation), practice breaking your record until it’s perfect, have someone there to film your official attempt, and promote the heck out of because you’re breaking a freakin’ world record!

Cannes Lions delegates even got the rare opportunity of collectively attempting to break a world record (unsuccessful) and watch a world record be broken (successful). While the audience could not break the record for longest continuous vocal note held, it was able to witness the most amount of 180-degree turns made in a minute on a unicycle. The record now stands at 26. Beat that.


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