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Health Gets Visual at Cannes

According to science, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

This presents an opportunity for healthcare brands to use more images and video for storytelling. Visuals, understood by our minds just 13 milliseconds, can empower people towards better health. Just please, no more stock photos of doctors in lab coats.

From caveman drawings to viral Facebook videos, visual storytelling has been around for thousands of years to express emotion and educate. Video producer Hashem Al-Ghaili may have a degree in molecular biotechonology, but now he is using images to communicate complex science topics in simple terms to millions of people.


Conn Bertish, brain cancer survivor and founder of Cancer Dojo is helping cancer sufferers visualize what is happening inside of them, boosting the mind–body connection, ability to cope, and potential for survival. Health documentation has shifted from doctor charts in file cabinets to streaming access to view our health data in real time.

As David Blair of Google put it during his session on health tracking technology at Lions Health, “Due to cloud computing, we no longer go online, we live online.” Having this access and visualizing results empowers us to have a participatory role in our own health.

This post was written by Rachel Berman, Head of Content at Verywell

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