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Do You Believe in Magic?

David Copperfield magically transformed every creative sitting in the audience into a living, breathing gold lion. And now, every agency can claim they came home with a lion.

In reality, magician extraordinaire redefined simplicity today when he made the complex seem like child’s play. Copperfield made a duck pop out of a bucket and a rose appear from nothing more than napkin tissue. Copperfield captured the audience with more than just his magic; he caught them with his storytelling.

Magic isn't about fooling people; it's about stories and the relationship with the audience

As creatives, we can all relate to the power of storytelling through a big idea. And what if the big idea comes to life through a stunt (we’ve seen it), shock (been there, done that), or magic (now, you’ve got my attention). What if we take the audience on a journey they are expecting (being able to escape from a falling saw from slicing him in half) and change course to take them on a completely different path (actually being sawed in half and having to magically re-combine his body). Sounds a little like surprise and delight, which as marketers and advertises know all too well has the power to capture any audience.

Copperfield is selling us into the world of magic, just as clients sell their products through advertisements.

Years of Cannes Lions awards show that often times the simplest campaigns win gold. The same logic goes for magic. Audiences are easily amazed when the ordinary becomes extraordinary. And let me tell you, Copperfield’s session wins a Grand Prix in audience amazement after he made a live duck appear from a stuffed animal in a bucket. At the end of the day, it’s all about being creative.

Believe it or not – he performs in over 600 shows per year. How does he do it? Magic!

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