Bonjour le Hoff

David Hasselhoff has taken Cannes Lion by storm. Which means that Germany has sent its biggest attraction to France and for once it didn’t ride in on in a Panzer.

Le Hoff loves Cannes because this is the first time he has been near a beach without getting upstaged by Pam Anderson. Hasselhoff gave a fascinating speech about relevance.  What really hurts is that I’m typing the words “Hasselhoff” and “relevance” for the second time in history. (But not the last). I know it’s France and they’ve been treating Jerry Lewis like Martin Scorsese for 50 years, the new guru is a guy who eats his hamburger with a side of floor tile.

Let me clarify: Hoff talked about the three dimensions of relevance. And this from an actor who has bravely exhibited one dimension for almost thirty years.

GolinHarris, who hired the Hoff, conducted a live experiment on stage: They invited the audience at Cannes Lions to create and share Hoff-based content around the world, to build his brand, to trend his name with funny post and retweets. In other words they got people to work for David Hasselhoff for free. As for how well it worked the experiment worked… well, you get what you pay for.

During the seminar, Professor Hoff wore a bracelet that read: “See it Believe It Live it.” Well, if I hadn’t seen It, I wouldn’t have believed it.

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