The Glass Lion vs. Gender Stereotypes

Is the latest Cannes category just another cash grab, or a sign of social progress?


What’s that? Cannes Lions is introducing a new category this year? More than one, you say? Yawn. It’s become expected. Each year, Cannes announces a new award or several. New Lions to honor this segment or that. “If there’s an awards show category in it, Cannes will find it,” chuckled one creative director.

It’s easy to get cynical about the moneymaking machine that has become the awards show business, particularly the premiere global festival on the French Riviera. The yachts, the parties, the celebrities, the excess. In the midst of all the fanfare, the festival’s purist purpose often gets lost: to celebrate the industry’s best, to inspire and set standards.The perpetually growing awards show, which began more than 60 years ago to honor cinema ads, now boasts 21 different category competitions. Among the 40,133 pieces of communication that will be competing for all those shiny statues next week is a selection of 166 entries in a new category attempting to undo what advertising itself has helped create: gender stereotypes. You know, the beer babes, the hapless dads, the doting grandmas and industrious homemaker wives.

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