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No risk no gain

“Without failure you do not get success” insists Marco Robinson – Best Selling Author & Award Winning Entrepreneur as he voices his views on “Risk” at the recent DO Debates. He asked the audience not to be afraid to create something and not be afraid of failure.

No risk no gain.

Marco Robinson: People are so conditioned by their education, by their parents, by society and by culture that people don’t really try and take risks because we’re actually conditioned not to. I put everything I had and did everything before I was 38 and most of it failed. Without failure you don’t get success, that’s very simple, there’s no one in the world that gets success first go. There’s always failure before that, I think you have to embrace that, you have to put it as a common denominator, as a must, and you must fail before you succeed. I think sometimes you have to have misery and austerity to really find out what you want to do as a person.

For the people that are coming into your company or existing people, if you want that kind of change environment where they embrace failure and recover from it as quickly as possible, then you have to hire the right people. In my experience I’d say that people are the biggest risk in business to get it right and also to get it wrong.

In an efficient organization it used to be autocratic before all this risk was a buzz word and before all this innovation came along, but actually innovation has been going for thousands of years. And I think the best organization now is to have at that core operation, fantastic people in the right positions who love what they do, because a lot of people don’t like risk, it stresses them out, but you also need it.

In the most successful organizations the maverick around the outside –or mavericks if you like- who are always finding new ideas and new innovations and are visionary in what they’re doing, visionary in the way that they can see, right, that might actually work for our clients.

We’re human beings not human doings, and I think we should be more human beings sometimes rather then human doings because that creativity is found in that being space where you’re not afraid to actually create something, where you’re not going to be afraid of what other people are going to think of it. I think the biggest resistance you get in your life is the disease to please other people. A lot of that actually stops you forging ahead and being more creative and don’t give a whatever about what other people think about it.

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