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DO Debates June 2012 - Discusses Risky Business

DO Debates – Risk – Can Failure Give You the Edge.

The illustrious panel for the June 2012 Do Debates included speakers like Azran Osman Rani – CEO Air Asia X, Marco Robinson – best selling author & award winning entrepreneur, Shamini Flint – writer, lecturer and environmental activist and Keith Stephenson – Partner, PricewaterhouseCooper. The debate was chaired by Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran – Senior Correspondent, The Economist.

Confessions of a CEO – ‘Pushing the boundaries of risk’

Azran Osman Rani, CEO of Air Asia X explains how they made the impossible happen by walking the path less ventured. Air Asia X chose to do what other airlines failed to do successfully. The key was to try and never give up. In this inspiring session, Azran explains how Air Asia X questioned the basic operating model for any airline. He highlights “Air Asia X, runs on 2.1 litres per seat per 100 kms. So if you fly Air Asia X, you are burning less carbon than a passenger car”. He also confesses that scaling up and retaining the existing unique culture of Air Asia X is what keeps him up at night.

No Risk No Gain

“Without failure you do not get success” insists Marco Robinson – Best Selling Author & Award Winning Entrepreneur as he voices his views on “Risk” at the recent DO Debates. He asked the audience not to be afraid to create something and not be afraid of failure.

Dinosaurs don’t dance – Taking chances in an era of risks

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran, Senior correspondent for the Economist, shares his views on ‘Risk’. He emphasizes that it makes sense to take more risks to flourish in a disruptive era. Learning from failure is an important dimension of most successful companies. Businesses need to deal with failure gracefully rather than burying them.

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