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The best Super Bowl ads of 2016

If advertising were a religion, then the Super Bowl would be its most important festival after Christmas. And while tearjerkers are the latest trend for Christmas ads, the Super Bowl gives brands opportunity to be a little more upbeat. Sure, there were still a few heartstring pullers in the mix, but the majority of this year’s Super Bowl ads went for laughs instead. Here are the five ads that had the most fun:

Toyota Prius: Car Chase

This spot assembles a rag-tag team of bank robbers to change perceptions of the Prius and showcase it as a getaway car; fast, quiet and energy-efficient enough to outrun the cops in a high stakes chase. As the loveable rogues’ journey continues, they realise they (and their Prius) have captured the hearts of the nation.

Budweiser: #GiveADamn

Stunt-casting is a time-honoured Super Bowl ad tradition, and this year was no different. Budweiser’s campaign centres around responsible drinking, and its Super Bowl spot reflected that, with Dame Helen Mirren playing up to her reputation as “a notoriously frank, uncensored British lady.” Addressing would-be drunk-drivers with formidable sternness, Mirren has a clear message: “Don’t be a pillock.”

AXE / Lynx: Find Your Magic

Of all the brands to challenge masculinity stereotypes, AXE is perhaps the most surprising. Instead of simply telling men “our soap will help you get women,” AXE has pivoted to appeal to men of all shapes, sizes, races and sexual orientations. Ads for male grooming products might be best known for showcasing models with chiselled physiques, but this ad places more importance on being yourself and having fun with it.

Mountain Dew: Puppymonkeybaby

This is probably the weirdest ad you will see all year. The short, surreal spot introduces you to a bizarre-but-adorable hybrid known as the #PuppyMonkeyBaby. Just like the new Mountain Dew Kickstart, which combines Dew, juice and caffeine, the PuppyMonkeyBaby is supposed to represent three great things in one.

Heinz: Wiener Chase

You can’t have an ad round-up without an unbearably cute entry, and this time that acclaim goes to Heinz, for dressing up a load of Dachsunds as hot dogs. These adorable wieners were then set loose to bound towards a bunch of humans who are, in turn, dressed as bottles of Heinz ketchup and mustard (complete with a child dressed as a little sachet). Cute, funny, delicious.

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