Tinder's New Video: So Bad, It's Great

As most people already know, Tinder is a location-based social-discovery app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users—which is a fancy way of saying it brings together people who might want to date. As the app’s popularity continues to rise, Tinder looks very much like the present and future of romantic couplings.

A Tinder-inspired video was recently leaked, and within eight days the pilot raised more than enough money on Kickstarter to fund an entire web series. The pilot features a Tinder dinner date gone terribly wrong—the kind that’s so horrible it becomes laughable.

Check out the pilot here for the most enjoyable 20 minutes of your day:

Three key points come to mind after watching the video. (1) We should be more appreciative that our daily interactions are with Advertising Creatives rather than the typical “Wall Street Man.” (2) In no time, brands will be fighting to sponsor this content or be integrated into storylines. (3) We wish we were behind the production of this unbelievably compelling content.

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