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Show Your True Self

Have you ever been catfished or, at least, have you watched the show or movie about the modern-day online phenomenon? A catfish is someone who creates a fake identity using Facebook or another social-media channel in order to pursue a misleading online romance.

In a world where computers can hide our true identities, some innovators are pushing in the other direction, developing technologies that allow for new types of direct and interpersonal communication that goes well beyond texting, Twitter, and even FaceTime. One example is wearable technology, specifically Mood Sweaters.

These garments allow the wearer to express emotions by transferring feelings (through hand sensors) into different colors of light that radiate around the neckline. Handcrafted by tech artists in San Francisco, 100 customized, signed and numbered sweaters will be released in March as Sensoree’s first products. Each bespoke design is filled with LED lights with 5 colors that correspond to varying emotions. Green, for example, represents tranquility, while red means love.

Sensoree’s principles began their research as a way to help people with sensory processing disorder, which manifests as conditions like ADHD to autism. Mood sweaters allow for clear communication, or “extimacy,” which the Sensoree site defines as “externalized intimacy.” The products also can help inform people of their own emotions.

Even though catfish hide behind false Internet identities, real feelings can still develop on both sides of modern-day relationships. But online love that begins with deception rarely ends well. So, single readers, keep swiping on Tinder, order a mood sweater, and put it all out there! (Warning: This does not guarantee getting lucky.)

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