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Cronuts. Ramen burgers. Kimchi hot dogs. The food world loves fresh thinking. The food world hasn’t seen anything yet.

Recently IBM brought the world’s most creative food truck to SXSW in Austin. It’s a food truck that uses computing to invent new kinds of recipes. Each day, hungry conference-goers used Twitter to suggest a type of dish. On the truck, a cognitive system combined thousands of ingredients into quintillions of recipes, predicted which ones humans will find both delicious and surprising, and turned the results into a never-before-tasted dish to be served to the public.


It’s part of a discipline known as cognitive computing that teaches computers to learn and even create the way we humans do. So far the system has been used to design more creative recipes. But in the future it could design healthier recipes. Gluten-free recipes. More sustainable recipes. And recipes that conform to dozens of other variables that researchers will soon be programming into the system. In fact, whether you’re a chef or software developer or marketer or industrial designer, someday soon you could use a cognitive system to be more creative in your job as well.

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