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Find Your Perfect Holiday Spot Through Brainwave-Reading

Debuted at AirAsia Travel Fair in Malaysia, Expedia found thousands of people’s idea holiday destination by gauging their emotional responses.

You might think that trying to decide on your next holiday destination is turning into one of those really tough first-world problems, if the number of products brands are releasing to tackle it is anything to go by.

The latest releasing a product of this kind is travel aggregate, Expedia in Malaysia, which has launched the ‘Expedia Vacationizer’ to tap in to customer’s subconscious and identify where they want to go on holiday.

Expedia’s agency teamed up with MyndPlay, a mind controlled video and movie platform, to build the product, a helmet fitted with EEG (Electroencephalograph) brainwave-reading sensors. The activity that is read then affects the video, giving the appearance that with MyndPlay’s technology people can influence media with their mind.

When people put on ‘Expedia Vacationizer’ they are shown 12 clips of holiday destinations. Their brainwaves are read deciphering the emotional response to each one, selecting their ideal trip from the numerous different offers the company has.

Expedia showcased this at the AirAsia Travel Fair 2014 to thousands of participants. The company calculated that it generated 15% more sales from the Travel Fair this year compared to 2013.

Using EEG sensors in consumer products is still in its infancy, and for every article that claims a device is ‘mindreading’ it’s worth remembering that registering brain activity which then triggers a response is not telekinesis. Even so, more agencies and brands are experimenting in this space, like MindRDR hacking Google Glass to upload photos to Twitter, and with more exploring virtual reality too, seeing how brands build connections between, and manipulate, real-world and digital experiences is worth watching.

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