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Chat Bots 101: A Play By Play

Since the official introduction of Facebook Messenger Bots in April 2016, brands and businesses, small and large, have been on a mission to master the technology. From weather forecasts to traffic updates, and shipping notifications to live automated messages, Messenger Bots present endless customer service opportunities for forward-thinking brands.

We have also seen companies such as Uber, KLM and CNN reap the benefits of being early adopters while others struggle to find a voice and relevance in this virgin territory. But let’s get the facts straight, over 900 million people use Facebook Messenger on a monthly basis and that is undeniably a favorable platform for a brand to engage with (and ultimately influence) its consumer.


In the spirit of embracing the future, Ogilvy has recently launched Roombot; a Messenger Bot with a purpose of providing directions to all lost souls looking for meeting rooms in our London office.

Bonus: it also feeds WiFi details and the weekly lunch menu (because, why not?!)

So, how can brands jump on board? Here’s the break down for you:

1) Highlight your Messenger Bot offering: What need are you satisfying? Is this more than just a fad? If you too believe in putting people first and making customer experiences more pleasant, this is for you.

2) Building interactions: This should be natural and reflect both the purpose and intent of your Messenger Bot (just because we’re talking about bots and AI doesn’t mean it’s any less human – intelligence is the keyword there). Develop a tone of voice and authenticity that resonates with the way your audience communicates with the brand.

3) Consistency is key: Think of it as an extension of your social and content strategy – you want to put the same amount of effort into designing this experience as you would to any other social campaign. The feedback you get will also allow you to continuously improve the overall experience and ensure there’s no loss of human connection.

The point of building a Messenger Bot is to allow conversations to happen naturally and decrease frustrations by providing an experience that is satisfying, highly curated and personalized. So by having all of these tips in mind, you will be laying out the best Messenger Bot strategy possible.

Packing it up

First, know your customer, use all the information you can gather and serve them in the right manner. Also, no one wants to chat with a faulty version of Siri so make sure to really grasp and convey that human connection. And finally, apply everything you’ve learned to provide a bespoke customer service; put the data you’re collecting to good use and become a conversation enabler.

Wondering how to build a chat bot?

There are plenty of platforms available including, Conversable and Chatfuel. I’ve personally found the latter extremely friendly and useful for non-coders.

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