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When hiring social media managers, how can you tell for sure that they’re up to the job? Circus Social, a social software specialist, has leveraged our collective appetite for online quizzes and created a gamified evaluation protocol.

“There seemed to be a gap in the marketing space in terms of the ability to measure an individual’s skills and aptitude,” says Founder and Managing Director Shalu Wasu. “This thought struck us a few months ago while interviewing candidates for positions at Circus Social, and we decided to do something about it… We felt that ‘marketing’ is a very broad term, and needed more research to come up with a comprehensive testing mechanism.”

The fruit of that research is Social Marketers Quiz, a ten round game which puts so-called marketing gurus through their paces and creates a clear picture of the candidate’s abilities. It takes the form of a Monopoly-style map, with each location dedicated to a specific discipline, such as content strategy, Facebook campaigns, and crisis management. There is a time limit on each section, and you must gain a pre-determined number of correct answers in each area before you can progress onto the next stage.

Wasu and his team collaborated with experts from all over the world to come up with a series of questions that covered all the sub-categories of social media marketing, including content, analytics, engagement and search. The quiz is also incentivised; Circus Social partnered with a wide range of sponsors in order to be able to offer rewards worth over $4,000 in total.

Not so long ago, marketers would put their newest intern in charge of social, but the space has grown and evolved so rapidly that it now requires the best and brightest talent. It is often possible to gage someone’s value based on the click through rate of their ads, or their campaign reach, but as Wasu points out, this very much depends on the type of product or service they are marketing. “Social media marketing is crying out for a uniformed measurement process,” he says.

Are young people better at creating content? Do women make better community managers than men? Can older, more experienced marketers handle a crisis more effectively? Wasu intends to find out. The quiz has only been live for a matter of days, but already over a thousand participants have grilled themselves. As more and more people take the quiz, Circus Social will periodically release insights that they have gathered from their growing community, ahead of building ‘Phase 2’ for launch in the final quarter of 2014.

Curious about your own social marketing credentials? Take the quiz for yourself.

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