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Mia Goldwyn, Chief Content Officer, StyleHaul, Sam Rogoway, Chief Executive Officer, Victorious, Rajdev Narula, Director of Marketing, APAC, HP and John Merrifield, Chief Creative Officer, Google Asia Pacific were in a panel discussing how brands should connect digitally moderated by Edward Pank, Managing Director, Warc Asia Pacific at All That Matters, Singapore.

Sam Rogoway, the founder of the creator platform Victorious, has a unusual point of view. Social media, he thinks, is just not all that social. What purports to be a multilateral interaction among ad hoc groups has evolved into a one-directional broadcast medium with limited, easy to ignore feedback. New platforms, he asserts, are needed to bring back the conversation.


He’s on to something with that thought. Victorious helps creators build mobile apps that enable to them to connect multilaterally with their fan bases. That’s not just celebrity hygiene for creators. As Sam says, “Don’t forget that creators grew up as fans. Don’t segregate the two groups.” Successful creators understand that lesson, and the way they cultivate and curate experiences with their fans is a master-class in how brands should behave.

Remember, too, that mobile is an incredibly intimate interaction. The phone is in your hand, caressed, and held just kissing distance away from your face. Screw with that kind of relationship at your brand’s peril. Once you’re that close you need to provide emotional connection while adapting to the needs of your user. As Mia Goldwyn of StyleHaul said, “Don’t overbrand and control. Let go.”

The real win comes when emotion is coupled to utility, particularly on mobile. Pedigree’s pet finding app was a perfect example of this. Losing track of a beloved animal is a heart-wrenching experience, and Pedigree leveraged crowdsourcing frameworks to get the community in on looking for your lost loved one. That links up fandom, emotion, intimacy, and brand in a way that provides a great service. I love Pedigree just from knowing they provide this service.

Ultimately, that’s where the brand love will come in. When emotion gets joined with service and fandom, the brand will see great results. Google’s John Merrifield put it best: “Mobile should provide a utility.” Done right, it will provide that utility to fans and brands alike.

ogilvydo caught up with Edward Pank, Managing Director of Warc, APAC, who moderated the session to share his thoughts on this Video Matters session:

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