Would You Be Ready To Say Farewell To Our Forests?

On warm summer days, we flock to green spaces and appreciate every second spent in the cooling shade of our trees, as our children play on the grass. We wouldn’t dream of cutting down a healthy tree in the city, so why do we so thoughtlessly do so in our rainforests?

This year is a decisive year for Climate Change globally. In the wake of the crucial United Nations Climate Change Conference ‘Paris 2015’ that is set to happen from November 30th to December 11th; Unilever has partnered with WWF to raise awareness about deforestation, as it is one of the main causes of climate change.

Since deforestation and climate change are topics that are not top of mind for consumers, we decided to find a way of telling a story in a human way that can grab people’s attention.

On August 27th 2015, the ‘Farewell to the Forest’ film created by Ogilvy UK and DAVID, Argentina, was launched in the UK, USA, Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil.

Deforestation, although it sounds far and alien to us is actually happening and getting worse. As the film says, the equivalent of 36 football fields are being destroyed every minute which allows people to picture and measure the real impact of deforestation.

We all need to take action and start by signing the pledge to help protect 1 million trees (together with WWF) and to actually help plant 1 million trees in South Africa (together with WildLands, South Africa’s third largest environmental NGO).

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