What to Expect in the Year of the Horse
Year of the Horse

Energetic, likable, and good with money – the Horse may be just the zodiac sign China needs in 2014. As the 2013 snake slithers out, it leaves in its trail a slate of new leaders, a slowing economy, and a populace with more and higher expectations than ever. The Year of the Horse trots in at a momentous time for China.

Despite the challenges there are a number of encouraging signs ahead. Where the snake schemes, the horse labors. Last year was focused on the leadership transition and agenda setting. This year we predict 2014 will be less set-piece, more action. We expect to see the development and implementation of new policies that will put China on track towards achieving the “Chinese Dream”: building a moderately prosperous society and rejuvenating the nation.

In our annual Chinese New Year review, we present you with a look at the economic, political and social themes currently dominating discussion in China, and we offer our view on what to expect over the coming twelve months.

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