Top 5 LGBT Campaigns Of 2014

Andrew Barratt, Founder and Head of Ogilvy Pride UK, shares his top 5 LGBT campaigns of 2014.

1. Starbucks: Coffee Frenemies

Two of the best RuPaul’s Drag Race divas, Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio, made their commercial debut in a Starbucks commercial this year.

In the spot, created in conjunction with Canada’s OutTV, Adore needs something to get her through a stressful day. But when she slips into a nearby Starbucks for a fix, a certain comedy queen is there to block her from jumping the line.

2. Cornetto Ice Cream, “40 Love”

As part of Cornetto Ice Cream’s “Cupidity” web series, a pro tennis player and a line judge share a lesbian-love connection in a vignette narrated by Lily Allen. A wonderful and heart-warming story.

3. Spotify “Say It With Song”

Spotify illustrated how you can find love through music in its  “Say It With A Song” campaign, which featured a young man trying to find the right song to convey his feelings to the guy he’s hung up on.

4. Honey Maid, “This is Wholesome”

Honey Maid refreshed its image this year and redefined the word “wholesome” with a commercial featuring diverse families enjoying healthy snacks—including a gay male couple swaddling their newborn.

“We recognize change is happening every day, from the way in which a family looks today to how a family interacts to the way it is portrayed in media,” said marketing director Gary Osifchin.

The spot sparked a failed boycott from One Million Moms, to which Honey Maid made perhaps the best countermove ever: They printed out the hateful tweets and emails and made a giant “Love” sculpture out of them.

5. General Mills , “The Cheerios Effect”

General Mills invited the public to share stories as part of its “Cheerios Effect” campaign. One couple, André and Jonathan, met on a blind date and instantly hit it off. Eventually finding that they “couldn’t keep all this luck and love” to themselves, the guys adopted their too-cute daughter, Raphaëlle.

2015 will surely spark even greater strides towards diversity, and greater inclusion of LGBT people in marketing. Happy New Year!

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