The return of Shunya (Zero)
The return of Shunya (Zero)

Zero is different from all other numbers.

1400 years ago, Indian mathematician Aryabhata made history when he introduced the world to Shunya—or “zero.” Like most controversial ideas, it was initially met with skepticism. But Shunya went on to change our world, revolutionizing everything from the basic mathematics of a balance sheet to the astounding accomplishments of high science.

Fast forward to today, as India stands at a critical crossroads. The nation must nearly double its infrastructure in the next five years to sustain economic growth, and a growing population propels a dire need for more resources.

DuPont has partnered with India’s largest media property, Times Television Network, to address the challenges India faces and to breathe new relevancy into the ancient concept of Shunya. The Power of Shunya, a broadcast-led platform created and developed by OgilvyEntertainment, explores how science can achieve maximum progress with zero negative impact: In other words, how can we give electricity to millions with zero devastation to our environment? What must we do to feed a growing population, and in essence, guarantee zero hungry mouths? How will we build a new infrastructure with zero workplace hazards?

Quest for Zero tv series premiered last weekend on Times Now in India. The show, which is hosted by Indian actor Anupam Kher, is a celebratory investigation of the big companies and everyday people in India whose innovations are closest to achieving the goal of zero.  Check out a promo below.

As part of The Power of Shunya, we will introduce Challenge for Zero, a broadcast competition that will give the subcontinent’s most visionary university students the opportunity to share and potentially materialize original innovations that strive for Shunya. This broadcast event premieres in October, so stay tuned for more info.

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