The lighter side of China
The Lighter side of China

The Lighter Side of China is a personal chronicle written by Scott Kronick, President and CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations, Asia Pacific.

Through a collation of his columns on thebeijinger.com, Scott reveals the greatest delights of living and working in China and the entertaining life experiences that expats may face when living there. Topics include holiday traditions, lost in translation, marital advice for mixed marriages, feng shui andbrands and their copies.

In the amusing chapter on English Names & The Chinese, Kronick writes:

“I sought to understand everything about the Chinese and became fixated on the English names the Chinese gave themselves. I wondered why a colleague in our advertising office would call himself “Billboard” Kwok. Or why my slightly heavyweight boss called himself “Beef” Chen. Or why the advertising creative team donned such names as “Jesus” Yeh and “Devil” Zhou and, in case you had a question, you could ask for the Creative Director “If” Chen. For those who wonder where these names come from, there are a variety of influences.“

James McGregor, author of One Billion Customers added, “Scott Kronick is a keen observer and insightful adventurer who through two decades in China has never lost the sense of humor and sunny soul he arrived with. With this collection of personal stories Scott grabs your hand and takes you for an intimate and affectionate stroll across the foreigner-living-in-China landscape. This book will put a smile on your face and bring comfort to your heart.

The book would appeal not only to people living in the largest populated country on earth, but also to readers trying to understand the intersection of culture and business in China. The vivid descriptions of life in the country make the book both entertaining and informative.

The Lighter Side of China is now available from online booksellers including amazon and dangdang.

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