The Heart Is Just A Pump, The Moon Is Made Of Cheese

Do you need your brain?



According to the Ancient Egyptians, you don’t. For them, it was just there to provide the stuff that runs out of your nose. When the time came to prepare a body for the most important journey it would ever make  —  the one to the next life  —  they scooped the brain out through the nostrils and threw it away.

The heart, on the other hand, was a different matter. It was accorded loving reverence.

In fact, for most of recorded history, in virtually every culture, the heart has been considered sacred. The seat of the emotions. Numerous phrases in our language attest to this. Follow your heart, make your heart sing, “disheartened,” have a heart-to-heart etc. This pattern is repeated in countless other languages. In Chinese, for example, words for emotions are compounds of the word heart. Heart-pain means sorrow. Heart-black means cruel. Similarly, in Thai, heart-water means generous. Heart-hot means angry. Poets have always known this, but an eminent heart surgeon I heard recently on a documentary disagreed. According to Consultant Surgeon Dr. Francis Wells from Papworth Hospital, Cambridge in the UK, the poets were wrong.

Dr. Wells said, “99.9% of poets have never seen the human heart. … The heart is a bunch of muscles with some nerves that stimulate it and some chemical receptors which allow it to respond to chemical and neurological stimuli…in reality it’s a pump, that’s what it does. I know I can take the heart out, and you can still fall in love.”

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