Snow Job?

Davos is attracting the world’s headlines again as it does every January as world leaders – political and business – gathered amidst snow and grandeur in the Swiss mountains to deliberate, discuss and do deals at the World Economic Forum. But you can be forgiven for wondering where this leads to.


Climate change, sustainable development, poverty alleviation, energy security are big issues on the agenda and there are many businesses who commit to do more while many are inspired to go down from the mountain to act. But how disappointing to read from a key report presented by PwC this year, which shows that fewer business leaders than ever care enough about climate change to do anything about it.  See this in The Guardian.  

There are many who do care. We think the work of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development is making some real progress, particularly with its “Action2020 platform for sustainability in action”.

What a pity others don’t follow the example of companies like Unilever – with its sustainable living plan – which shows that growth is compatible with sustainability.
It all comes down to making the best use of resources. Coming clean – with energy, economy, environment and ethics – and cutting waste to the bone. Simple, sensible, sustainable. To make a big deal of difference!

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