Shop Talk

This paper busts popular myths and discusses eight critical rules that shopper marketers will need to unlearn in India, when talking to shoppers at hypermarkets.

Key insights:

  • Larger penetration of hypermarkets resulting in changes in shopper marketing
  • Modern trade is a function of store penetration, not channel adoption.
  • Hypermarkets are conducive to switching brand and category preferences.
  • The marketing community’s entire mental encyclopedia of shopper marketing resides in its knowledge of selling to shoppers rather than behavioral change


If you changed eight rules in cricket, you could end up playing football.

While we’re on the topic of play, here’s a simple game. Go ahead, use your intuition, and tick out which of the following statements are true (or false). We’re talking about shopper behavior in hypermarkets in India and you’re playing the role of a shopper marketer.

  1. The shopper is a woman and she shops alone.
  2. The male spouse is brought along to play the role of a porter and driver. He is uninvolved and often no more than a trolley pusher inside the store.
  3. You’ve got three seconds to attract a shopper’s attention. No one stands and reads product literature, announcements or back-of-pack communication.
  4. The more you can get shoppers to browse, the more they’ll buy.
  5. Great navigation and neat on-shelf display reduces buying time and leads to a higher degree of product discovery.
  6. Affluent men with elastic wallets buy a lot on impulse.
  7. Impulse shopping is not an involved process. Shoppers are likely to spend the least amount of time in impulse categories.
  8. All brand advertising must talk to women; this ensures they’re pre-decided on brand before entering the store.

Now let’s see how you scored:

If you marked statements 3, 4 and 5 as true, you’ve got a lot of common sense.

If you marked statements 1, 2, 6 and 8 as true, you’ve probably spent some time in India. If you marked all the above statements as false, you’re a genius!

With key finding from our research we’ve busted these myths and decoded shopper behavior!

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